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Holland 2011

The Band's visit to Holland at the end of April 2011 was a huge success. All Band Members would like to thank our Dutch Partners for their support. A special thanks to Dave Edwards (below) who stepped in to play drums for The Pontiacs. Dave and Rich Tandy are old buddies. They were founder members of The Falcons Group that performed at many places in Hereford and Worcestershire including the Winter Gardens at Malvern and regular spots at the Mars Bar Worcester.

Dave Edwards of Predilection

The Pontiacs

Big Mouth Dave

Sch!! Rich is concentrating

Stef - Handsome Sod!

You put your left leg in!

Your left leg out!

Prediliction and The Pontiacs Together

The Pontiacs fans are getting younger. This fine bevy of beauties decided to drop in and celebrate after they won a Womens Football Team Trophy